Christine is a kind but honest reader who has a keen eye for clarity and a knack for exact prose. She generously sits with the ideas in your paper and works out, at an almost atomic level, where those ideas go hazy in a paper—where language needs to be more precise, where structural changes are required, where arguments subtly trail off and need picking up. It has been a real pleasure encountering her editorial expertise. Not only have my papers turned out crisper and more refined with Christine’s editorial help, but I have also learned so much about my own habits as a writer and how to work with these habits to avoid confusing my audience while retaining my voice.

Lee Jasperse
PhD student, University of Chicago

Christine is not only one of the most talented and sharp editors I know, she’s one of the best people I know. It doesn’t matter if it’s one in the afternoon or one in the morning, I know she’s going to be around if I need help.

An incredibly smart person, her way with words is based in a deep understanding of the world we live in. She’s humble, however, and you always come away feeling better about whatever you’re working on after she’s been through the piece. There’s been many times where I’ve come to her for advice on just about any matter you can think of and come out better for it. This carries over to her editing skills, where she’s constantly on the lookout to make my cluttered messes into something I’m extremely proud of.

Her handle on grammar and context is exquisite and she’s always able to turn a good phrase into a great one. She finds diamonds in the rough and strikes oil where others might have given up. Christine doesn’t quit on things and no matter how frustrating something she’s dealing with can be, her patience and kindness always win out. It’s an amazing quality and one that I think sets her apart from many other people in the field.

It also doesn’t matter what she’s working on — her suggestions on a résumé are going to be as helpful as her comments on a deeply personal story. In Christine’s mind, everything can be improved and she has a knack for saying just the right thing in just the right situation. With her experience working with a multitude of different types of writing, she’s able to provide insight and compare things to past situations. It’s extremely helpful when trying to write something that sets you apart when you’re working with a person who has had hands on in many different areas.

Christine’s perspective on life is unique and she uses her experiences to benefit others. It’s a remarkable quality that I feel is sometimes lost in this day and age. She’s always willing to listen, which makes her a tremendously likable person. That said, I’ve found listening to her is usually an even better decision than talking her ear off.

I’m a better person for knowing her and a better writer for heeding her suggestions. No matter what Christine does, she’ll succeed. People like her don’t grow on trees.

Jordan Hansen
Sports reporter, Montana Standard