Academic Writing

Below are three academic papers I completed throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies. While each paper adheres to APA style, certain elements (running head, abstract, etc.) are found in some and not in others due to the specifications of the assignment. Additionally, some of the formattings may differ, as APA style itself has been updated since the year of the earliest paper on this list.

First Amendment Law of Public Primary and Secondary School Newspapers

JLMC 460: Law of Mass Communication / Iowa State University, Spring 2017

Compendium of Resources Dedicated to the Symptomatic Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on Health Behavior

HHE 515: Advances in Health Science / The University of Alabama, Fall 2013

The Chosen Loner: Schizoid Personality Disorder in Little Miss Sunshine

PSYC 270: Abnormal Psychology / University of North Dakota, Spring 2010

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