Creative Writing

Strong Female Characters and Elementary School (poetry)
The Southampton Review
September 2018

violation (poetry)
So To Speak
August 2018

Limitless (poetry)
Poets Unlimited/Medium
July 2018
Online reprint of Dubuque Area Writers Guild print publication noted below

Defending Her Art (fiction)
July 2018

i love you (poetry)
Poets Unlimited/Medium
June 2018

Writing Poetry Outside on a Sunday Evening, the Bothersome San Francisco Wind Flipping the Pages of my Spiral-Bound Notebook to Blank Sheets of Oblivion (poetry)
Poets Unlimited/Medium
June 2018

Memories of a Bloodless Sisterhood (fiction)
FIVE:2:ONE‘s #thesideshow
January 2018

Limitless and Layover (poetry)
Dubuque Area Writers Guild
May 2017*

A Syllabus for the Class You Couldn’t Wait to Begin Before the Semester Started That Now, Reading the Extensive Lists of Expectations, You Fear You Will Fail (nonfiction) and The Art of Poetry (poetry)
Dubuque Area Writers Guild
May 2016*

On Rejecting the Sonnet Form (poetry)
May 2017

Women in Movie Fight Scenes (poetry)
tiny poetry: macropoetics
May 2016*

Why I Love “Please Clap” (nonfiction/satire)
Harlot Magazine
April 2016*

I. (poetry)
Fall 2010*

* Print publication only, or publication website no longer exists. PDFs provided where allowed.

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